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Google+ what?

   Simply put it is a social networking site, similar to Facebook in looks, but functions much more smoothly and comes coupled with a lot of unique features. Though similar to Facebook, it seems the early “beta phase” of Google+ has been adopted by more Twitter users. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Twitter is a place to befriend total strangers, while Facebook is for people you know in real life. But where does that leave Google+?
   In my honest opinion Google+ is a merger of both Facebook and Twitter. It’s a place that you can learn more about your Twitter friends, while at the same time keep track of your real life friends. It’s a two for one if you will. The fact that it will, and does, integrate with other Google services. It’s nice when you log in and your Picasa albums (soon to be Google Pictures) are already in your albums. Simple things like this give the user an abundance of options not offered on Twitter and Facebook.
   All in all Google+ is a great idea. It’s two great social networks in one. It could prove to, one day be bigger tha Twitter and Facebook combined. It offers more features such as huddle (chat), hanging out (video chat), and +1 which all help this network stand out from the pack. It’s a brilliant idea that is already receiving great praise in its beta stage. Once released to the public, the skies the limit.

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Verizon 4G Speed Test - OKC

Test Date: Jun 27, 2011 9:17:26 am
Connection Type: Lte
Server: Bixby, OK
Download: 20.22 Mbps
Upload: 4.63 Mbps

A detailed image for this result can be found here:

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