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Google+ what?

   Simply put it is a social networking site, similar to Facebook in looks, but functions much more smoothly and comes coupled with a lot of unique features. Though similar to Facebook, it seems the early “beta phase” of Google+ has been adopted by more Twitter users. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Twitter is a place to befriend total strangers, while Facebook is for people you know in real life. But where does that leave Google+?
   In my honest opinion Google+ is a merger of both Facebook and Twitter. It’s a place that you can learn more about your Twitter friends, while at the same time keep track of your real life friends. It’s a two for one if you will. The fact that it will, and does, integrate with other Google services. It’s nice when you log in and your Picasa albums (soon to be Google Pictures) are already in your albums. Simple things like this give the user an abundance of options not offered on Twitter and Facebook.
   All in all Google+ is a great idea. It’s two great social networks in one. It could prove to, one day be bigger tha Twitter and Facebook combined. It offers more features such as huddle (chat), hanging out (video chat), and +1 which all help this network stand out from the pack. It’s a brilliant idea that is already receiving great praise in its beta stage. Once released to the public, the skies the limit.

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BlackBerry Native Social Networking Apps

RIM first dipped its toes into the social networking scene with Facebook some years ago. They have since updated that app, added a MySpace app, and more recently released a beta app for Twitter.

Let’s first look at the Facebook app, though it has changed over the years, it is still the most lacking app out of all three of the BlackBerry social networking apps. It still sports most of the original icons and the same basic layout of the original app. The constant gripe I see across most forums is that everyone wants it to be “more like the iPhone app.” Hopefully RIM is considering this as there are several features left out of the app itself. Facebook users want Facebook chat implemented into the app, they want the ability to access any and everything that you can on the actual site (minus the facebook apps), and they want to be able to edit any and everything that can on the actual site, on there BlackBerry. RIM needs to release a new update with a new UI and a lot of new features. Here’s hoping RIM can blow us away on this one in the future.

The second app released was the MySpace app, though many view MySpace as a dying social network, it does still hold home to a lot of teenagers and young adults. This app, though similar to the Facebook app, is a much better app all together, especially the fairly recent beta release. We now have the option to blog on MySpace directly from our phones, we can update our status, and do a lot that the actual MySpace allows directly from our BlackBerry. Though it has many more key points as compared to the Facebook app, it does still lack in a few areas. One such again, is MySpace chat, this would be a huge feature if they could implement it into this app, and even a small change in some of the graphics in the app could help this app tremendously. Overall however it is not a bad app, it is easy on the eyes and though it could use some new features.

Twitter for BlackBerry was released to the general public in a beta form just a couple weeks ago. It by far is the most advanced social networking client that RIM has put out there. It allows you to tweet, view timeline, edit profile, view profiles, change display pictures, and so much more. Though a constant gripe on this app is the retweet option, it only allows you to retwee with no editing, which is how Twitter wants it to be, so I doubt they’ll add the old way of retweeting into any of the future builds of this app. People also want more photo viewing sites (Tweet Photo, yFrog, etc) added so they don’t have to click links to see the pictures. These and smaller things like an ability to jump to the last read tweet, or some even complain of getting a lot of error messages. But overall Twitter for BlackBerry is by far the most complete social Networking app out there from RIM. It will be very interesting to see where they go from here.

RIM will more than likely at some point in the future update all of there clients with some or all of the features the BlackBerry community wants, but something everyone can agree on is that BlackBerry apps have come along way in the last few years.

- PapaPompous

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